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Academic Programs

Aerospace Engineering - B.S. Italian - B.A.
African American Studies - B.A. Japanese
American Studies - B.A. Judaic Studies
Anatomy Korean
Anthropology - B.A. Latino/Latina Studies
Architecture, School of Learning Center
Architecture - B.S. Legal Studies
Art - B.A., B.F.A. Linguistics - B.A.
Art History - B.A. Mathematics - B.A., B.S.
Asian Studies Mechanical Engineering - B.S.
Athletics Media Study - B.A.
Biochemical Pharmacology - B.S. Medical Technology - B.S.
Biochemistry - B.S. Medicinal Chemistry - B.S.
Biological Sciences - B.A., B.S. Methods of Inquiry
Biomedical Sciences Microbiology
Biophysics - B.S. Millard Fillmore College
Biotechnology - B.S. Modern Languages and Literatures
Business Administration - B.S., B.S./M.B.A. Music - B.A., Mus.B.
Chemical Engineering - B.S. Music Theatre - B.F.A.
Chemistry - B.A., B.S. Nuclear Medicine Technology - B.S.
Chinese Nursing - B.S.
Civil Engineering - B.S. Nutrition
Classics - B.A. Occupational Therapy - B.S.
          Greek Pharmaceutics - B.S.
          Latin Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of
Communication - B.A. Pharmacy - Pharm.D.
Comparative Literature Philosophy - B.A.
Computational Physics - B.S. Physical Therapy
Computer Engineering - B.S. Physics - B.A., B.S.
Computer Science - B.A., B.S. Physiology
Cora P. Maloney College Polish
Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology Political Science - B.A.
Dance - B.A., B.F.A. Psychology - B.A., B.S.
Economics - B.A. Religious Studies
Educational Leadership and Policy Russian
Electrical Engineering - B.S. Social Sciences Interdisciplinary - B.A., B.S.
Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of           Cognitive Science
Engineering Physics - B.S.           Environmental Studies
English - B.A.           Health and Human Services
English as a Second Language           International Studies
Environmental Design - B.A.           Legal Studies
Environmental Engineering - B.S.           Urban and Public Policy Studies
Exercise Science - B.S. Sociology - B.A.
French - B.A. Spanish - B.A.
General Education Program Speech and Hearing Science - B.A.
Geography - B.A. Statistics
Geological Sciences - B.A., B.S. Teacher Education Institute
German - B.A. Theatre - B.A., B.F.A.
History - B.A. Theatre, Dance, Music Theatre
Humanities University at Buffalo Experience
Indigenous Studies Women's Studies - B.A.
Industrial Engineering - B.S. World Languages Institute