Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Independent Study

Students bring diverse talents and learning styles to UB. Independent study may provide opportunities for students to learn in ways that work best for them. A distinctive aspect of undergraduate education at UB is the opportunity for students to work closely with faculty who are actively engaged in research and scholarship. For example, significant opportunities for participation in UB's local and regional public service mission are available through fieldwork, practica, internships, and related learning activities.

Students have the option of independent study, which may be undertaken by means of a departmental or faculty course typically numbered 499 and designated as tutorial. In some cases, independent study may be the focal point in the design of an individual program. In others, it may merely add desired depth or breadth to a student's formal degree program. Independent study is not intended to duplicate or overlap existing courses but to provide options not otherwise available. To enroll in independent study, students must identify a member of the faculty willing to sponsor their work and petition the appropriate school, department, or division. In some cases, professional staff of the university may supervise independent study.

The integrity of the degrees granted by UB requires that a substantial portion of the 120 credits of coursework required for these degrees be completed in lecture and/or seminar and/or laboratory courses for which a course description and required student activities have been reviewed and approved by appropriate faculty committees at department and divisional levels; therefore, no more than 18 credits of tutorial coursework can count toward the credits required for graduation with a bachelor's degree. Students will, however, be permitted to petition the Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education for permission to have more than 18 credits of tutorial coursework count toward the credits required for graduation with a bachelor's degree. Such petitions must include a description of the proposed tutorial coursework (including rationale and learning objectives), the student activities (including the basis for grading), and the relationship between hours of student academic activity and instruction and hours of credit to be awarded.