Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Freshman Admission

Most successful students at the university have come with a strong level of preparation in basic academic areas. Although the following courses are not requirements for admission, our experience suggests that applicants for regular admission will be adequately prepared for university courses if they have had, at the high school level, four years/units of English (with a substantial writing component), four years/units of social studies, three years/units of science, three years/units of a second language, and at least three years/units of college-preparatory mathematics. A number of students who have not completed such a program will be admitted, but they must realize that additional work in one or more of these areas may be necessary after arrival at the university in order to maximize their chances for success in various academic programs.

Selection of the freshman class is based upon an examination of three scholastic measures: a cumulative high school average through the junior year, a three-year percentile rank-in-class, and standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). All freshman applicants are required to submit test scores. All applicants are encouraged to submit a Part II supplemental application and essay. This information is often invaluable in explaining and amplifying the quantitative measures considered.

Each fall semester, a limited number of freshmen may be offered admission to the university based upon documented evidence of special talents or special circumstances. Exceptional creative talent in art, music, theater, or media study; demonstrated leadership; outstanding athletic ability; and community service are examples of talents that have been reviewed by the Admissions Committee in previous years. Special circumstances that may have prevented presentation of competitive credentials will also be reviewed by the committee.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to indicate a choice of major on the application form. This information is used for planning purposes only, since application to a particular academic department as a major generally occurs during a student's sophomore year at the university. The Departments of Art and Music, and the Schools of Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Management, Nursing, and Public Health and Health Professions, review credentials at the time of initial application to the university and may offer direct admission to their programs. Music requires an audition, and art requires a portfolio in the spring semester of the freshman year.

Applicants seeking entry for a fall term should submit completed applications as early as possible during the preceding fall. The Admissions Committee begins to review completed applications and supportive credentials in December and issues notification of decisions shortly thereafter.

Early Admission

Exceptional applicants who are completing their junior year in high school may be considered for early admission to the freshman class. Students who enroll via this option generally have only one or two remaining high school requirements, which they complete as part of their freshman course load at the university. Information about the admission process and criteria may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

Early Decision

Early decision is an early-application, early-notification program for students applying for freshman admission to the university. Applicants must submit an application no later than November 1. Accepted students will be notified by December 15 and will be expected to withdraw all applications they may have filed at other colleges and universities. Information about applying and admission criteria may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

UB Scholars Program

Academically talented freshmen may also be considered for the UB Scholars program. The program provides an enriched academic environment. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who present challenging, in-depth high school programs but may not otherwise qualify for the University Honors Program.