Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Satisfactory Completion of Academic Requirements

To be considered a candidate for a baccalaureate degree, a student must have been formally admitted to the university in accordance with the regular admission standards. In addition, the matriculated student must be enrolled in a degree program. (For a complete explanation of each degree program, refer to the Academic Programs.)

Upon nomination by the faculty and by vote of the Board of Trustees, degrees are conferred upon students who have met the following requirements.

Satisfactory Completion of Academic Requirements

Students must complete all courses, credit hours, and grades to the satisfaction of the faculty as follows:

Minimum Number of Credit Hours

Candidates for BA, BS, and BFA degrees must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, 30 of which must have been completed at the University at Buffalo campus. No more than 18 credits of tutorial coursework and no more than 8 credits of athletics activity coursework can count toward the credits required for graduation with a bachelor's degree.

Minimum Academic Average

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, both overall and at the University at Buffalo. In the computation of the overall average, all attempted coursework will be used, including transfer credit. In computing a student's average for work completed at another accredited institution, GPAs will be computed in accordance with the University at Buffalo's grading policies (i.e., all attempted hours, including "F"s, will be used to determine the GPA).

Major Requirements and General Education Requirements

To qualify for an undergraduate degree, matriculated students must satisfactorily complete the requirements of their fields of study, as well as those of the university. This includes all major requirements and general education requirements. Freshman and transfer students entering UB in fall 2005: see the General Education Requirements chart for a description of these requirements.

Continuing students should check general education requirements on their DARS report, or at the Undergraduate Catalog (from the homepage, students should follow the links to the catalog from the year in which they matriculated into the university).

Admission to a Degree Program

All baccalaureate candidates must successfully complete a program of study, either in a degree program offered by a department or in an individual field of the student's own choice, as developed in the Special Major Program.

By the time students have earned 60 credits, they should be admitted to a major degree program. Both transfer and freshman students should check with their advisors and the departments to determine the applicable procedure of each department. (For a complete explanation of each degree program, and acceptance criteria, refer to the Academic Programs section in this catalog.) Once students have been accepted into a major, they will be assigned a departmental advisor to help plan and implement their academic programs.

Degree Form and Obligations

During their final year of study, students must file an Application for Degree Form with the Student Response Center, be cleared of financial obligations, and return all library books (see Graduation).