Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006


UB DARS (University at Buffalo Degree Audit Reporting System) is a computerized system that generates a report of each individual student's UB and transfer coursework matched with the student's degree requirements. Coursework satisfying university, general education, and major requirements is identified. The report also identifies courses that will satisfy specific degree requirements yet to be completed.

The DARS report is an advising tool and graduation check designed to assist the student, the advisor, and the university in determining the student's progress toward completion of all requirements.

The DARS report is also used in the department application process. Students apply for acceptance to major and/or minor programs by bringing a copy of their current report directly to that department. Additional information may be required.

DARS will be used for evaluating university requirements for graduation (e.g., general education, total credits, residency, GPAs). Students are expected to examine their reports carefully and to speak to an advisor if there are questions about any of the information.

DARS reports for all matriculated undergraduate students are available on MyUB. A student's report may be generated for an approved major or any of UB's major options. This latter report option allows for comparison of alternative majors.

Course articulation is a formal evaluation by an academic department that compares courses or sequences of courses offered at other campuses to UB courses or requirements. At UB, course articulation is continuously maintained and updated on TAURUS (the Transfer Articulation and University Requirements at UB System). Continuing and transferring students find TAURUS a valuable planning tool in the selection of suitable coursework for summer study or in preparation to matriculate at UB. TAURUS uses the Course Applicability System (CAS), a nationwide transfer information system, to display UB's transfer course articulation and degree requirement information on the Internet.