Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Federal Financial Aid

Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid

Review for federal financial aid eligibility for undergraduate students occurs at the conclusion of the spring semester of each academic year. Students are notified via e-mail regarding their eligibility status. Students may appeal these decisions.

Criteria - Performance and Progress

An undergraduate student is eligible for federal financial aid if the student: (1) successfully performs academically as measured by the student's cumulative and semester GPAs, and (2) progresses toward the baccalaureate degree as measured by completed credit hours per semester according to the university's Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Additionally, students must complete their first bachelor's degree within 150 percent of the normal number of credits required to complete a bachelor's degree, not exceeding 180 credit hours.

Academic Performance

The academic performance of a student in good standing or on probation who is permitted to remain at UB is satisfactory for receipt of federal financial aid. Federal regulations require a student to have a GPA consistent with the university's graduation requirement. A student - either full-time or part-time - who fails to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all courses is placed on academic probation after the second semester of study and is expected to raise his/her GPA to a minimum of 2.0 within a reasonable amount of time. If that is not achieved, the student will be dismissed. If a student is dismissed, the student is ineligible for federal financial aid. Academic probation does not preclude a student from receiving financial aid; however, if a student is dismissed and re-admitted on probation after appeal, the student should consult with a financial aid administrator to determine eligibility for federal financial aid.

Academic Progress - Full-time Students

A full-time undergraduate student must demonstrate progress by accumulating academic credits at a rate such that the student will graduate in a timely manner. A full-time student who is not progressing at the defined rate will not receive federal aid regardless of his/her GPA. The federal aid progress criteria for a full-time student at the university are comparable to the credits-earned criteria for New York State aid, but they extend to a five-year period of time as noted below.

Academic Progress - Part-time Students

A student receiving federal aid for part-time study must enroll in at least 6 credits per semester. Academic progress for a part-time student is defined as consistent completion of at least 3 credit hours per semester while the student is in part-time status. Cumulative completed credits are not a measure of progress for a part-time student. Semester credits earned are the sole measure of progress.

Status for part-time students who elect to become full-time students will be determined by the progress chart below, using credits earned up to the change to full-time status; credits in an interval will be reduced for this determination to the interval threshold. Example: A student who has accumulated 36 credits after 12 semesters of part-time study would be placed on this chart at the 33 credit - 4 semesters - level. Calculations for students who move back and forth between part-time and full-time status will be made on an individual basis by the Student Academic Records and Financial Services staff.

Time Limits for Federal Aid Eligibility

Students must complete their first bachelor's degree within 150 percent of the normal time required to complete a bachelor's degree, not exceeding 180 credit hours.

To Receive Financial Aid, Students Must Have the Following Minimum Cumulative Credits Earned Before the Semester Noted

Semester 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Federal Aid (All) 0 3 9 21 33 45 60 75 90 105