Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Incomplete Grades

A grade of incomplete ("I") may be given to students who have not completed all of the assigned work in a course if they have a passing average and there exists a well-defined means by which the course requirements can be completed. The grade of "I" must be removed within a period of fifteen months. Students may not re-register for a course in which they have a grade of Incomplete.

At the time an "I" is given, the instructor must specify the default grade that the student will receive if no grade change is filed by the instructor before the expiration of the grace period. The default grade is the grade that the student will receive as a course grade if the additional work is not completed. Individual instructors may set shorter time limits for removing an incomplete than the fifteen-month time limit specified above. Students may not graduate with an Incomplete on their record.

  • This policy is not retroactive and does not apply to transfer credit.
  • Applicable dates regarding the fifteen-month provision:
Courses taken in (semester): Will default in 15 months on:
Fall March 15
Spring August 15
Summer November 15
  • The "I" must be changed to a grade before the degree conferral date if the student plans to graduate in that semester.
  • A default grade can be "A," "B," "C," "D," "F," or "P/F." (If a student selected an S/U grading option, it will replace the default letter grade.)
  • Students must not register again for courses in which they have an "I" grade.