Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006


Academic Load

Normal load: 15 credit hours/semester.

Full-time: 12 credit hours or more.

Part-time: fewer than 12 credit hours.

Limit: 19 credit hours. Additional credit hours require an override from an academic advisor.

Registration Procedures

  1. New freshman students are contacted by advisors during the late spring and early summer to discuss course options; then university representatives enroll freshmen into courses that are linked to form smaller learning communities.
  2. New transfer students are contacted by advisors during the late spring and early summer, as well, to discuss course options. Then, the students use the university's Touch-Tone registration system, BIRD, to register for courses.
  3. Continuing students are urged to register for courses during the early-registration periods (windows) to ensure the best selection of classes and to avoid late-registration financial penalties.
  4. Students may change their schedule at any time after the early registration period and until the end of the first week of classes. Courses dropped during this period will not appear on the students' transcripts and students are not financially responsible for these courses. Students can continue to add and drop courses during the second week of classes but should speak with Student Academic Records and Financial Services Staff regarding financial responsibility and possible changes to financial aid eligibility. For information about withdrawing from courses after the second week of classes, see "Resignation from Coursework at the University."
  5. Students are not permitted to sit in a class without registering for it. Students are not permitted to retroactively register for a class after the end of the second week of classes. Students who are officially auditing a class cannot retroactively have the audit grade option converted to a letter grade option.
  6. Additional information on registration is found at the Student Response Center web site.

Special Registration Procedures