Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Student Records and Transcripts

Access to Grade Information

Students may obtain their semester or complete grades through the university's voice-response system, BIRD, by calling (716) 645-7800, and through the Internet via MyUB.


Official transcripts of UB academic work are sent at the student's request as indicated on the Transcript Request form. The form and related information are available on MyUB. Forms may be faxed to the office. Official transcripts will not be released for students who have university financial obligations, including Bursar (B), Institutional loan (G), Traffic (T), or Financial Obligation (N) checkstops. Transcript requests are also available on a walk-in basis at the Student Response Center, 232 Capen Hall.

Student Information

Student records are confidential and are released only to appropriate faculty and administrative offices. Release of such records to any other college, prospective employer, or agency occurs only with the written permission of the student. Student addresses or telephone numbers are released by the university unless the student has requested nonrelease of directory information.

Telephone and Internet Directory Information

Unless otherwise notified in writing, the university has the student's permission to release the following directory information upon request: student's name, current address, telephone number, e-mail address, major field of study, dates of attendance, and degrees and awards received. The university will also publish the student's name, major field of study, and e-mail address on its Internet-accessible directory.

Students who wish to reverse the directory information release decision must notify the Student Response Center at 232 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260, in person or in writing. (Students may print the form found at the Student Response Center web site, complete it, and take it or mail it to the Student Response Center.) This may be done at any time and as many times as necessary. It is important, however, that students consider very carefully the consequences of a decision to withhold "directory information." Should a student elect not to authorize the release, any and all future requests for contact information from UB persons (on nonessential matters) and from noninstitutional persons and organizations (such as scholarship organizations or prospective employers) will be denied.

Students should be aware that even if they decide to prevent release of their directory information, information will be shared within the university for educational and administrative purposes.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Information (FERPA)

For a complete statement of student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), see Article 7 (Administrative Regulations) of the University's Standards, and Administrative Regulations.

The preceding information constitutes official public notice of the university's compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Any student having questions about this should contact the Office of Student Affairs and Services, 542 Capen Hall, (716) 645-2982.