Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Class Attendance

Since the university desires to promote student responsibility, there is no general rule concerning absences from class; however, instructors may take account of such absences in determining final grades.

For information regarding Procedures for Military Call-Up During the Semester, please refer to the Student Response Center web site.

Attendance on Religious Holy Days

It is a State University policy that: "On those religious holy days when members of a faith observe the expectation of church or synagogue that they be absent from school or work, campuses will avoid the scheduling of such events as registration, the first day of classes, or similar convocations. Individual students will be excused from class without penalty if expressly requested." (From SUNY Policy Manual, 1975, Section No. 091.3.)

At the University at Buffalo, if such a requested absence results in a student's inability to fulfill the academic requirement of a course scheduled on that particular day, the instructor should provide an opportunity for the student to make up the requirement without penalty.

Reading Days

University sanctioned Reading Days are incorporated into the University Calendar in an effort to provide our students with additional examination preparation time before the commencement of final examination week.

The University Calendar formally indicates the last day of classes. Faculty may not schedule classes after the last official day of classes.

Faculty who wish to conduct study sessions on Reading Days may do so if, and only if, these study sessions are offered on a voluntary basis. These Reading Day study sessions may not be offered as a required component of the course, no attendance may be taken, and no new information may be introduced.

Additionally, final examinations shall be offered as officially scheduled, and not during university-sanctioned Reading Days.