Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Foreign Language

Correct placement in foreign language courses is an important consideration for UB students and for teachers of foreign languages.

As a general guideline, students who have successfully completed three years or more of language study in high school (or the equivalent) or have passed a Regents comprehensive exam should not take a beginner-level course in that language (normally numbered 101 or 191). In the case of Spanish, French, and German, a course numbered 104 is designed specifically for students coming in with three years of high school instruction and/or Regents certification. Successful completion of a 104 course satisfies the basic language requirement in UB's General Education Program. For other languages, students may begin their language study at UB with a second-semester course (normally numbered 102 or 192) but should consult with the director or an instructor of the language in question to determine proper placement. Please note: Students may not receive credit for either 101/191 or 102/192 courses if they receive credit for a 104 course in the same language.

If questions remain, consultation with the director of the language program and/or their advisors in determining proper placement is strongly advised.

Native Speakers

Those students educated in countries outside the United States where the foreign language in question is the medium of instruction (or where that foreign language has the status of an official language) should not take any first- or second-year courses in that language. On the basis of particular student situations, students with a demonstrably limited proficiency may qualify for an exemption from this policy and may be permitted to take a lower-level course for credit. . If students believe they are entitled to an exemption, a letter requesting an exemption and the reason for the request should be sent to: Chair, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University at Buffalo, 910 Clemens Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-4620.