Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Computers on Campus

At UB, information technology is used to enhance teaching, support learning, enrich extracurricular experiences, and enable students to conduct business with the university online. To ensure that UB students are able to take advantage of innovative ways of learning, it is strongly recommended that students have a computer for their personal use in their living space. The university will facilitate student computer purchases by offering volume-discount purchase programs, loan programs, financial aid, work-study, and other programs. Public and departmental computing labs offer more than 2,400 computer and high-tech workstations for on-campus use. UB's campuses are wired with a high-speed network to support computer use, and residence hall rooms have a connection for each resident. All UB students have free, unlimited e-mail and Internet access. Wireless access for laptops is available in many buildings, including libraries and the Student Union dining areas and lounges, as well as in many classrooms. UB adds approximately 50 wireless access points per year to its inventory. The UB library system is fully computerized, offering electronic research tools that can be accessed from anywhere on and off campus.

All students are expected to comply with computing acceptable use policies: penalties for non-compliance include loss of access to UB IT account and network resources. The campus code of behavior for using computer resources, and policies on file sharing and music and video downloading are available online. Policies are also in place to protect student information: the university is firmly committed to maintaining the privacy of student information and complying with FERPA and other federal and state privacy/security laws and guidelines.

Strong computer skills are essential to students' academic success, and free computer workshops and online training materials are provided. Instructors post course materials on Web pages, assign projects involving Internet and database searching, expect students to use personal productivity software to prepare research papers and to complete projects, and communicate with students via e-mail. Access to student schedules, grades, degree requirements, online registration, and other critical information is provided through UB's Web portal, MyUB. The campus use of technology ensures that when students graduate, they will have the information technology knowledge and skills necessary for the twenty-first-century workplace.