Undergraduate Catalog 2005- 2006

Disciplinary Action

University disciplinary processes take appropriate action when student conduct directly and significantly interferes with the university's primary educational responsibility of ensuring all members of its community the opportunity to attain their educational objectives in accordance with the institution's mandate. These regulations governing student behavior have been formulated to be reasonable and realistic for all students.

Sanctions shall be at the discretion of the judicial body and shall be limited only by the rules governing the university disciplinary bodies. The judicial bodies have the power to institute and/or recommend the following range of sanctions: warning, restitution, counseling, loss of privileges, disciplinary probation, suspension from the university for a definite or indefinite period of time, expulsion from the university (subject to final review of the president), community service, or such other sanctions as may be approved by the university's judicial bodies.

For further information on the Student Conduct Rules, University Standards, and Administrative Regulations, contact the Office of Judicial Affairs by calling (716) 645-6154, or visit the Office of Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy web site.

The vice provost of undergraduate education shall administer the judicial procedures and policies for all cases of student violation of university academic integrity standards.