UB DARS (University at Buffalo Degree Audit Reporting System) identifies course requirements for all approved undergraduate programs. In individualized reports, UB DARS is able to: match all coursework (UB and transfer) to specific degree requirements, university, general education and major; identifiy both satisfied and unsatisfied requirements; and suggest specific courses to complete requirements.

The UB DARS report is used in several ways.

As an advising tool, the advisor and the student can easily determine a student's progress toward completing all degree requirements.

In the department application process, students applying for acceptance to major and/or minor programs bring their current UB DARS report directly to that department along with any additional information that may be required.

Departmental application processes and graduation checks are designed to assist the student, the advisor, and the university when determining a student's progress toward completion of all requirements.

UB DARS is used to evaluate university requirements for graduation (e.g., general education, total credits, residency, GPAs). Students are expected to examine their reports carefully and to speak to an advisor if there are questions or discrepancies in the report.

UB DARS reports for all matriculated undergraduate students are available on MyUB. A report may be generated for a student's current approved major, or any of UB's majors. This allows students to compare degree requirements when considering alternative majors.

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