Communication Undergraduate Faculty

Barnett, George A ProfessorPh.D.Michigan State University
Cassata, Mary B Associate ProfessorPh.D.Indiana University
Cheong, Pauline Hope Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Southern California
Feeley, Thomas Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Hong, Junhao Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Texas/Austin
Reynolds, Brian Visiting Assistant ProfessorM.A.University at Buffalo
Tutzauer, Frank E Associate ProfessorPh.D.Northwestern University
Vishwanath, Arun Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Woelfel, Joseph ProfessorPh.D.University of Wisconsin/Madison

* Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

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