Computer Science Undergraduate Faculty

Alphonce, Carl Teaching Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of British Columbia
Beal, Matthew Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University College - London, UK
Buckley, Michael LecturerM.S.Rochester Institute of Technology
Chomicki, Jan Associate ProfessorPh.D.Rutgers University
Decker, Adrienne LecturerM.S.University at Buffalo
Demirbas, Murat Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Ohio State University
Fischer, Daniel Associate ProfessorPh.D.Tel Aviv University, Israel
Govindaraju, Venugopal Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
He, Xin ProfessorPh.D.Ohio State University
Jayaraman, Bharadwaj ProfessorPh.D.University of Utah
Kershner, Helene LecturerM.S.University of Pennsylvania
Miller, Russ Distinguished ProfessorPh.D.SUNY/Binghamton
Ngo, Hung Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Minnesota
Petropoulos, Michalis Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of California, San Diego
Qiao, Chunming ProfessorPh.D.University of Pittsburgh
Ramamurthy, Bina Teaching Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Rapaport, William J *Associate ProfessorPh.D.Indiana University
Regan, Kenneth W Associate ProfessorPh.D.Oxford University
Schindler, Kris Teaching Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Scott, Peter D Associate ProfessorPh.D.Cornell University
Selman, Alan L ProfessorPh.D.Pennsylvania State University
Shapiro, Stuart C ProfessorPh.D.University of Wisconsin/Madison
Sherman, Barbara A Teaching Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Sridhar, Ramalingam Associate ProfessorPh.D.Washington State University
Srihari, Rohini K Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Srihari, Sargur N Distinguished ProfessorPh.D.Ohio State University
Terrill, Timothy LecturerM.S.University at Buffalo
Tripathi, Satish ProfessorPh.D.University of Toronto
Upadhyaya, Shambhu Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Newcastle, Australia
Xu, Jinhui Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Notre Dame
Zhang, Aidong ProfessorPh.D.Purdue University
Zhong, Sheng Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Yale University

* Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

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