Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Faculty

Anderson, Wayne A ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Batalama, Stella Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Virginia
Bird, Jonathon ProfessorPh.D.University of Sussex, UK
Cartwright, Alexander ProfessorPh.D.University of Iowa
Etemadi, Kasra Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Minnesota
Fam, Adly T ProfessorPh.D.University of California/Irvine
Givone, Donald D ProfessorPh.D.Cornell University
Greatbatch, Wilson Research ProfessorM.S.University at Buffalo
Hopkins, Douglas Research Associate ProfessorPh.D.Virginia Tech
Kaul, Raj K ProfessorPh.D.Columbia University
Kondi, Lisimachos Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Northwestern University
Malone, Dennis P Distinguished Service ProfessorPh.D.Yale University
Mitin, Vladimir ProfessorPh.D.Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Pados, Dimitris Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Virginia
Prasad, Paras N Distinguished ProfessorPh.D.University at Pennsylvania
Safiuddin, Mohammed Advanced Technology ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Sarjeant, James W ProfessorPh.D.University of Western Ontario
Schneider, John Adjunct Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Shaw, David T ProfessorPh.D.Purdue University
Soumekh, Mehrdad ProfessorPh.D.University of Minnesota
Su, Weifeng Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Delaware
Titus, Albert H Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Georgia Institute of Technology
Verevkin, Alexandr Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Moscow Pedagogical University
Whalen, James J ProfessorPh.D.Johns Hopkins University
Wie, Chu Ryang ProfessorPh.D.California Institute of Technology
Wobschall, Darold Associate Professor EmeritusPh.D.University at Buffalo
Zirnheld, Jennifer Adjunct InstructorPh.D.University at Buffalo

* Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

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