Political Science Undergraduate Faculty

Benson, Michelle Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Claremont Graduate School
Birnir, Johanna Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of California/Los Angeles
Campbell, James E ProfessorPh.D.Syracuse University
Danilovic, Vesna Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Eagles, D. Munroe Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of California/Irvine
Finocchiaro, Charles Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Michigan State University
Halpern, Stephen ProfessorPh.D., J.D.John Hopkins University, University at Buffalo
Johnson, Gregg Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Arizona
Lamb, Charles Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Alabama
Mattei, Franco Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Florence
Sorens, Jason Assistant ProfessorPh.D.Yale University
Welch, Claude *Distinguished Service ProfessorPh.D.Oxford University
Zagare, Frank ProfessorPh.D.New York University

* Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship.

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