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The study of art opens the mind to unforeseeable possibilities. It is an opportunity for students to identify their own unique skills. These skills can be applied to an evolving and wide range of applications and career paths.

Skills gained in this program include:

Forming conceptual ideas and communicating them visually. Engagement in verbal and written analysis of visual works for comprehension of conceptual and aesthetic issues. Experience in the tools, techniques and process of 2D art making: painting, drawing, print media, photography, communication design, typography, digital and electronic skills. Students will also work with time-based media, such as web design, performance and video. Building 3D structures and forming space by use of sculpture, fabrication and installations. Understanding the theoretical, historical, cultural and research basis of art.

Career Choices

UB Art alumni enter a range of professions where creative problem solving, critical thinking, and an understanding of cultural context is valued, such as art galleries, museums, alternative spaces, and auction houses as directors, curators, preparators, installers, and art handlers, as well as in conservation, fabrication, grant writing, fundraising, and educational programming.

Department alumni include established artists who exhibit nationally and internationally, execute commissions, and have received national and international awards. Others are assistants, collaborators, and project coordinators to world-class artists. Our students have become professors and lecturers at leading colleges and universities, and teachers at community colleges, secondary schools, and arts-in-education programs throughout North America. They are art therapists in health care professions, schools, community centers, and correctional facilities. Our students are technical instructors and shop managers in fine art and commercial photography, print media, casting, and welding enterprises.

UB art alumni write critical reviews and essays on art and popular culture, they work as illustrators, web page designers, electronic publishers, and developers of interactive and electronic media. They publish fine art editions, run galleries, printing firms, custom framing businesses, and casting foundries.

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