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Why Learn about Asia? We live in an age in which major cultures that formerly were assigned to particular geographical regions of the globe are now found globally. North America is no longer an outpost of Europe, but an invigorating composite of Asian, African, Latin, and European ingredients. Asian economies have worldwide presence, and political issues in that part of the world affect us profoundly at home. In art, theater, cinema, religion, fashion, and cuisine, Asia is here. By studying Asian civilizations and contemporary societies, we come to understand a significant part of humanity and acquire insight into ourselves.

The Asian Studies Program supports teaching, research, study abroad, and cultural events concerning Asia. The current strength of the program lies in China, Japan, and Korea, with growing capabilities in Southeast and South Asia.

Several Asian languages are taught in the Department of Linguistics. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are each offered through the fourth-year level. Undergraduate minors may be elected in these languages. UB students may also study Arabic, Hindi/Urdu, and Sanskrit.

Students can study abroad in Asia, undertaking language study, non-language classes, and graduate research. They can spend an academic year, a semester, or a summer at fine universities in China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Academic credit can be transferred to UB. For information, refer to the Study Abroad section.

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