Asian Studies : Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate: BA, Minor in Asian Studies

Acceptance Information

The major permits the student to explore several regions and cultures of Asia as well as the Asian experience in America. At the same time, it requires a focus on one region or culture of Asia and a related Asian language. Students take a required core of four lower-division courses and four semesters of language. Upper-level electives (six courses) include both the social sciences and the humanities. The capstone experience is a senior research course. Some students who are majoring in an established discipline elect Asian studies as a double major.

Asian Studies - B.A.

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum grade of C in any two courses required for the major.

Advising Notes

To graduate, minimum grade of C- required in any course in the major.

Required Courses

(12-18 credit hours, or 6-8 credit hours beyond the CAS language requirement. Some second-year language courses are 4 credits, others are 3 credits per semester.)
Four semesters. (Students who are native speakers of an Asian language may test out of the language requirement and be required to offer in its place two additional, 3-hour courses in the upper elective category or two semesters of an Asian language other than their own.)

CORE COURSES (10 credit hours)
AS 101 Introduction to Asian Studies
AS 110 The Asian American Experience
HIS 181 or HIS 182 Asian Civilizations
AS 229 Contemporary Asian Societies

UPPER LEVEL ELECTIVES (18 credit hours)
Approved, 300/400-level courses, of which 9 credit hours must relate to the culture or region of the language selected. At least 6 credit hours must be in the social sciences and at least 6 credit hours must be in the humanities. Up to 6 credit hours of language courses at the 300-level and above may be counted.

AS 498 Senior Research

Total required credit hours for the major: 37-39

Recommended Sequence of Program Requirements

Fall AS 101, first-semester language
Spring HIS 181 or HIS 182, second-semester language

Fall AS 110, third-semester language
Spring AS 229, fourth-semester language

Fall two upper-level electives
Spring two upper-level electives

Fall two upper-level electives
Spring AS 498

Study abroad in Asia is strongly recommended.

Asian Studies - Minor

About the Minor

As a companion to a major in an academic or professional field, the interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies broadens and enriches the academic experience. It conveys skills and concepts needed for appreciating the rich civilizations and vibrant societies Asia and for dealing professionally with Asian peoples. The minor is a valuable credential for graduate study and an international career.

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum grade of C in any course required for the minor.

Advising Notes

Minimum grade of C- required in any course in the minor.
Except for the language proficiency requirement, courses applied to another minor or major may not be applied to this minor.

Required Courses

Four courses: Intermediate proficiency in an Asian language. Students who satisfy the language requirement through a means other than coursework must take two advanced courses in addition to the three required below; only one of the two may be in the student's major department.

One of the following: AS 220 Culture of the Arts in East Asia, HIS 181 or HIS 182 Asian Civilizations I and II, AS 229 Contemporary Asian Societies

Three approved Asian Studies courses at the 300/400-level. Two must be outside the major department. One 300/400-level language course may be counted toward the advanced course requirement.

Total required credit hours for the minor: 24-30

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