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The Department of Biological Sciences offers three programs leading to baccalaureate degrees and two that are combined undergraduate/graduate degree programs.

The bachelor of arts degree. Students qualify for the bachelor of arts degree by successfully completing at least 33 credits of biology-related coursework plus 38 credits in chemistry, physics and mathematics. The curriculum for the BA program includes required core courses, as well as elective laboratory and lecture courses. It is designed to provide a broad-based education in the biological sciences.

The bachelor of science degree. Students qualify for the bachelor of sciences degree by successfully completing 44 credits of biology-related coursework plus 38 credits of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The BS program is designed to provide the opportunity for in-depth study within particular sub-disciplines of the biological sciences; specific curricula have been formulated for study in (a) cell and molecular biology, (b) ecology and evolutionary biology,(c) pre-health studies, and (d) neurobiology.

The bachelor of science degree in bioinformatics and computational biology. In this highly interdisciplinary program, students integrate coursework in applied mathematics, computer science, and the biological sciences and learn how to apply mathematics and computing to the study of genes and proteins. This training prepares students for graduate education in a bioinformatics-related field or for entry into the workforce of this emerging discipline.

The university offers this bachelor of science degree in bioinformatics and computational biology with options for a concentration in biology, computer science and engineering, and mathematics. Please refer to the bioinformatics and computational biology program for further details.

The combined bachelor of arts/master of science degree. To qualify for the combined degree, students must complete 30 credits of biology-related coursework and 38 credits of chemistry, physics, and mathematics in three years of undergraduate study. Then, following admission into the department's graduate program, students must complete an additional 38 credits of graduate coursework over two years. A combined BA/MS degree is awarded after only five years of study. (When the two degrees are completed separately, a BA degree normally takes four years and an MS degree normally takes two years.)

The combined Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. This program combines three years of undergraduate study in biological sciences and four years of graduate work in dentistry, and a combined BS/DDS degree is awarded after seven years. Applicants may be accepted into the program prior to the beginning of the freshman year or while enrolled as a major in the Department of Biological Sciences. Further details concerning this program may be found at the School of Dental Medicine website:

In addition to baccalaureate degrees, the Department of Biological Sciences offers a minor in the biological sciences. To qualify, students must complete a short list of prerequisite, required and elective courses, achieving a total of 22 biology-related credits and 15 chemistry credits. A special biotechnology minor is also available for chemical engineering students.

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