Biomedical Engineering : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

Biomedical engineers are employed in many areas, both public and private. For example, biomedical engineers are employed in companies designing and testing new devices and systems. They are employed at universities and hospitals as researchers and support personnel. They are also employed at government regulatory agencies, helping to develop and standards for product testing and safety. Because of their training in both the engineering and medical disciplines, biomedical engineers are often in the role of interfacing between these two fields.

Salary Information
The mean starting salary for biomedical engineers is approximately $56,000 per year. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the latest data on mean overall salaries for biomedical engineers is $84,780, with a 25%-75% range of $62,070 to $103,570.

Nationally about a third of biomedical engineering students go on to graduate school in engineering or related disciplines, about a third go on to medical school, and about a third go directly to industry.

Updated: 13 Nov 2012 06:00:29 EST