Biophysics : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

Biophysicists study the physical principles of living cells and organisms, their electrical and mechanical energy, material transport across cell membranes, and related phenomena. They conduct research to investigate dynamics in such areas as seeing, hearing, and motility as well as molecular structures; signal transduction and transmission in nerves and muscles; cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions; determination of the structures of biological macromolecules; and tissues by using various spectroscopy methods, microscopic, confocal microscopic and medical imaging techniques.

Skills gained in this program include:
  • Research techniques
  • Gathering and interpreting data
  • Ability to utilize technology

Career Choices

80% of biophysics graduates go on to graduate and/or professional school.

20% of biophysics graduates go on to find related employment.

Positions of employment include:
  • Anatomist
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Aquatic biologist
  • Biochemist
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Biophysicist
  • Educator
  • Environmental scientist
  • Geneticist
  • Geophysicist
  • Health physicist
  • Industrial health engineer
  • Lab assistant
  • Medical illustrator
  • Medical physicist
  • Medical or pharmaceutical sales
  • Nuclear scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Physicist
  • Psychology engineer

Work settings include:

Medical labs, hospitals, clinics, medical industry, government agencies, business, and industry.

Career Hints

Biophysics is a far more specific field, one which allows for more detailed research and employment. These skills are transferable, but a student should pursue a biophysics degree if they are interested in continuing their education. Job opportunities center on place of work: researcher in a pharmaceutical lab; engineer in industry; researcher/inspector for government agencies; or a high school science teacher. Employment depends on the individual's needs, values, and skills.

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