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About Our Degrees

Acceptance Information

Deadlines: Rolling
Number of applicants/year: 60
Number of accepted majors/year: 60
Total number of majors currently enrolled: 210

Degree Requirements

Please see Degrees and Policies.

About Our Courses

Suggested Introductory Courses
  • CHE 105 Chemistry: Principles and Applications (preferred) or CHE 101 General Chemistry I
  • MTH 141 College Calculus I or MTH 121 Survey of Calculus and its Applications I (BA degree only)
  • PHY 107 General Physics I or PHY 101 College Physics I (BA degree only)
  • CHE 105-CHE 106 is suggested for chemistry majors and students intending to major in a chemistry-related field. CHE 101-CHE 102 is also acceptable for chemistry majors. Similarly, CHE 251-CHE 252 is an alternative to CHE 201-CHE 202 for qualified students and is strongly recommended to students intending to major in chemistry or a chemistry related field.

The typical class size for:

Freshman/introductory courses is: 50-300 (lecture), 25 (recitation)
Sophomore/intermediate courses is: 16-250
Upper level/advanced courses is: 10-35

In the Department of Chemistry, what do teaching assistants (TAs) do?

TAs commonly conduct recitation and laboratory sessions under faculty supervision. TAs also frequently assist in the grading of quizzes and exams.

For course descriptions, please see Courses.

About Our Faculty

Teaching Awards

Faculty members within the Department of Chemistry have been repeatedly recognized for their teaching abilities. Six professors have been awarded the prestigious SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Other awards include the UB Student Association's Teaching Award, the SUNY Chancellor's Medal for Excellence in Faculty Service, the SUNY at Buffalo Lilly Teaching Fellow, the Distinguished Service Award from the New York Science Teacher's Association, the Chemical Manufacturer Association Catalyst Award (National Award for Excellence Chemistry Teaching) and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Graduate Student Association of SUNY at Buffalo Most Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award. Two of our professors have also received the Milton Plesur Teaching Award. Additional awards include the CAS Excellence in Teaching Award and the Ernest A. Lynton Award for Faculty Public Service and Academic Outreach.

Research Awards

Faculty members within the Department of Chemistry are also very active in research in their fields. As such, the UB Department of Chemistry faculty has won numerous prestigious awards and fellowships. The faculty includes four Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellows, as well as Fellows of the Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Vacuum Society, the Electrochemical Society, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the Royal Society of Chemistry. A number of professors have received the Western New York Section of the American Chemical Society's Jacob F. Schoellkopf Medal. In addition, faculty members have received the Buck-Whitney Award, the Bennedetti-Pichler Award, the Cope Award, the Morley Medal, the Gregori Aminoff Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Martin Buerger Award of the American Crystallographic Association, the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research, and the Research Innovation Award. Some of our professors have also been awarded the following distinctions: SUNY or UB Distinguished Professor, SUNY Outstanding Inventors Award, New York Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy Gold Medal Award, the National Science Foundation Creativity Award and the James D. Watson Investigator Award. Several of our professors hold Chaired positions: the A. Conger Goodyear Chair, the Capen Chair, the Larkin Chair, the Larkin Chair of Organic Chemistry, and the Woodburn Chair. Professors on staff have also received the SUNY First Patent Award, the UB Young Investigator Award, the SUNY Excellence in Pursuit of Knowledge, the Walton Visitor Award of the Irish Science Foundation, as well as the SUNY Entrepreneur Award and the Exxon Educational Foundation Fellowship. Additional awards include the Inventor of the Year from the local Niagara Frontier Technical Societies Council, which has been accepted by four of our professors. We are fortunate to have as members of our faculty the Chair of the Bioinorganic Division of the American Chemical Society for 2006 as well as the Chair of the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society. Professors have been elected secretary of the Division of Biology Chemistry, ACS.

See a list of our Undergraduate Faculty.

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

Notable Program Features


  • Academic Excellence in Chemistry Award
  • American Institute of Chemists Award
  • College of Arts & Sciences Award
  • Hypercube Scholar Award
  • Joseph & Louise Tufariello Award
  • Merck Award
  • WNY American Chemical Society Award

Junior Awards
  • ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award
  • Chemistry Alumni Award
  • Chemistry Alumni Scholarship
  • George H. Nancollas Scholarship
  • Peter T. Lansbury Research Award
  • Ralph F. Theuer Scholarship
  • Who's Who

Sophomore Awards

Excellence in Organic Chemistry/Merck Index (8-10 annually)

First Year Awards
  • Excellence in General Chemistry (CRC Handbook for Chemistry & Physics), 10-15 annually
  • William Townsend Award for Freshman Chemistry Majors

Undergraduate Research and Practical Experience

Various opportunities exist in the department and elsewhere for research participation, as early as the sophomore year, for chemistry majors during the academic year and/or summers. Participation is strongly encouraged.

Extracurricular Activities

Complementary Programs and Minors

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