Cora P. Maloney College * : Overview

Cora P. Maloney College

Contact Information

255 Capen Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1603

Phone: 716.645.7301
Fax: 716.645.6027
Web Address:
Dr. Letitia Thomas


*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Cora P. Maloney College (CPMC), chartered in 1976, is a unique college at the University at Buffalo, designed to provide students with academic experiences from a community perspective. CPMC focuses on a range of educational issues including academic achievement, cultural/social awareness, and scholastic enrichment. The college offers credit-bearing courses designed to enrich the intellectual development of all university students. CPMC's courses consist of four general and interrelated categories: civic engagement, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies, dynamics of creative imagery, and college success. Many of CPMC's course offerings are cross-listed with academic departments and carry general education and/or departmental credit.

The college is named after Cora P. Maloney, the first woman and African American elected to the Buffalo Common Council in 1957. She was a strong advocate of educational equality and excellence, as well as community awareness.

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