Department Abbreviations and Course Prefixes

AAS African American Studies LAI Learning and Instruction
AHI Art History LAT Latin
AMS American Studies LIN Linguistics
ANA Anatomy LLS Latina/Latino Studies
AP Architecture and Planning MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
APY Anthropology MCH Medicinal Chemistry
ARC Architecture MFC Millard Fillmore College
ARI Arabic MGA Management – Accounting
ART Art MGB Management – Organizational and Behavioral Science
AS Asian Studies MGE Management – Economics
ASI Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary MGF Management – Finance
ASL American Sign Language MGG General Management
ATH Athletics MGI Management – Human Resources and Industrial Relations
BCH Biochemistry MGM Management – Marketing
BIO Biological Sciences MGQ Management – Quantitative Methods
BE Biomedical Engineering MGS Management – Systems
BMS Biomedical Sciences MGT Management – Management and Policy
BPH Biophysical Sciences MIC Microbiology and Immunology
CDS Communicative Disorders and Sciences MT Medical Technology
CE Chemical Engineering MTH Mathematics
CEP Counseling, School and Educational Psychology MTR Music Theatre
CHE Chemistry MUS Music
CHI Chinese NMD Nuclear Medicine
CIE Civil Engineering NTR Nutrition
CL Classics NUR Nursing
COL Comparative Literature OT Occupational Therapy
COM Communication PD Urban Planning and Design
CPM Cora P. Maloney College PGY Physiology
CSE Computer Science and Engineering PHC Pharmaceutics
DAN Danish PHI Philosophy
DMS Media Study PHM Pharmacy
EAS Engineering and Applied Sciences PHY Physics
ECO Economics PMY Pharmacology and Toxicology
EE Electrical Engineering POL Polish
ELP Educational Leadership and Policy PSC Political Science
ENG English PSY Psychology
ES Exercise Science PT Physical Therapy
ESL English as Second Language RLL Romance Languages and Literatures
FR French RSP Religious Studies
GEO Geography RUS Russian
GER German SOC Sociology
GGS Global Gender Studies SPA Spanish
GLY Geology SSC Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
GR Greek STA Statistics
GRE Greek (Modern) SYS Engineering – Systems
GSE Methods of Inquiry TH Theatre
HEB Hebrew THD Dance
HIN Hindi THI Thai
HIS History UBE University at Buffalo Experience
HMN Humanities UE Undergraduate Education
IE Industrial Engineering UGC General Education Program (formerly Undergraduate College)
IRI Irish Gaelic UKR Ukrainian
ITA Italian ULC Learning Center
JDS Jewish Studies VIE Vietnamese
JLS Legal Studies VS Visual Studies
JPN Japanese WLP World Languages Program
KOR Korean    

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