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About Our Degrees

The Data Intensive Computing certificate program is comprised of courses that will enable students to learn the foundational concepts, data and computational models and algorithms of data intensive computing. This undergraduate certificate program addresses the increasing need for workforce personnel who are competent in data intensive computing and other closely related technologies such as grid computing, parallel computing, and cloud computing. The timely introduction of these concepts to our undergraduate students is important for them to remain competitive in a fast-moving global environment.

The curriculum also aims to provide students with practical, real-world, hands-on application development experience in their chosen fields of interest. It accomplishes this aim by featuring a capstone project course that explores the application of foundational concepts in solving a significant problem in the student's chosen discipline.

Finally, it aims to offer an accessible pathway for non-CSE students to acquire competency in the application of data intensive computing technology.

Acceptance Information

Applicants should complete CSE 115, CSE 116 or equivalent courses with 2.5 GPA average.

Students must maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA average in the required and elective courses in order to remain in the program and be awarded the certificate.

Application deadlines
Students can apply anytime after completing CSE 115 and CSE 116, the minimum requirement for enrolling into the certificate program. Please contact Prof. Bina Ramamurthy (

About Our Facilities

In addition to the excellent computing facilities offered by the Computer Science and Engineering department (, students enrolled in this certificate program will also work on cloud computing resources such as Amazon web services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Google App Engine (GAE).

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

The certificate program has been created with the help of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant and there 12 scholarships of $1000 each available for under-represented minority students and non-traditional students.

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