Data Intensive Computing * : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

Career Information and Further Study: Data-intensive computing has been hailed as the fourth paradigm after experimental, theoretical and computational sciences. In the popular literature data-intensive computing is closely associated with another emerging technology, namely, cloud computing. The skills and competencies learned in this certificate program are highly sought after by a wide range of industries from scientific research to stock market analytics.
Career Choices
Data intensive computing is a collective solution to address the data deluge that has been brought about by tremendous advances in distributed systems and Internet-based computing. The need to deal with huge volumes of data is being felt across industry, government, and academia. This includes the analysis needs of intelligence agencies for data from satellite imagery, signal intercepts, sensors, etc.; medical agencies analyzing images, genetic and other diagnostic data; environmental agencies with sensor-collected data on air, water, and meteorological conditions; and organizations in general needing to exploit the massive document databases on the world wide web (several hundred trillion bytes of text); among others. There are excellent opportunities for using the certificate for finding employment in many fields that require data analytics.

Salary Information
Salaries depend on the major study of the student. But the data-intensive computing and cloud computing skills are in great demand. We expect the salaries to be greater than $50,000

Career Hints
The choice of the capstone project and working on a real data intensive problem beyond the disciplinary boundaries will help students broaden their skills and knowledge. Students can also seek industry collaboration for their capstone projects.

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