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This program leads to a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics and is intended for those students whose interests center on the more fundamental aspects of electrical engineering and physics, but who also wish extensive contact with the applied aspects (instrumentation, circuit design) of those subjects. The program is designed such that a student can pursue a graduate program in electrical engineering or applied physics, depending on interest.

This course of study provides students with a unique combination of the fundamental principles of modern electronics, as well as a thorough education in electrical measurements and instrumentation. This program should be considered only by students whose academic performance is very strong. Only courses in which a grade of C or better has been earned are considered for application to this program.

Note: Course descriptions may be found in the Electrical Engineering section at /1112/academicprograms/ee.shtml and in the Physics section at /1112/academicprograms/phy.shtml.

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