English As A Second Language * : Overview

English Language Institute

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Graduate School of Education
320 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1000

Phone: 716.645.2077
Fax: 716.645.6198
Email: elibuffalo@buffalo.edu
Web Address: wings.buffalo.edu/eli/eli_esl.htm
Keith E. Otto
ESL Program Director


*Not a baccalaureate degree program

The English as a Second Language program at the English Language Institute (ELI) helps international and domestic students whose first language is not English develop the academic language skills necessary for success at UB. Undergraduate students may enroll in credit-bearing English as a Second Language (ESL) writing courses to satisfy the General Education Writing requirement.

Students whose first or dominant language is other than English may satisfy the General Education Writing requirement by successfully completing two ESL courses: Written English I (ESL 407) and Written English II (ESL 408). Students are advised to complete these courses during their first and second semesters of academic study at UB.

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