Legal Studies : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

While the IDP tracks were not developed primarily to train students for specific careers, they are intended to provide an academic background relevant to a wide range of occupations and fields of graduate study.

Alumni have found employment in the following fields:
  • Legal Secretary and Reynolds and Henehan
  • Office Manager at Advantage Professionals
  • Court Assistant with the New York State Court System
  • Import/Export Analyst with Ciena Corp.
  • Service Representative with Geico Insurance Co.
  • Paralegal at the Law Offices of Wayne Felle
  • Legal Secretary with David Feldman, Esq.
  • Legal Assistant with the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller

Post-undergraduate opportunities:
  • Law School at the University of Baltimore
  • Law School at Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • Law School at Case Western Reserve
  • Law School at Cooley Law School
  • Public Relations at SUNY College at Buffalo
  • Law School at Loyola University
  • Law School at Brooklyn College
  • Law School at University at Buffalo

What percentage of graduates goes on to graduate school?


What percentage of graduates goes on to find related employment?


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