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Journalism Certificate Program

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311 Clemens Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4610

Phone: 716.645.2575
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Jody Kleinberg Biehl


*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Today's media recruiters want candidates with more than solid reporting and story-writing skills. They want applicants with specialized knowledge in complicated subject areas - plus the ability to delve into those areas and provide meaningful analysis and contexts for readers and viewers.

The journalism certificate program at UB provides students with an educational foundation in writing and reporting for publication, emphasizing hands-on workshops and internships designed to help students enter the professional world. Classes concentrate on journalistic skills including feature writing, news reporting, and opinion writing.

In addition, the program fosters an understanding of U.S. and global media, journalism ethics, and integrity standards associated with the journalism profession. It is an interdisciplinary course of study comprised of core coursework offered by the Departments of English, Communication, and Media Study. The certificate should be viewed as an accompaniment to a student's major course of studies.

The journalism certificate is not a baccalaureate degree program. It's designed to help students master the tools of journalism while offering the freedom to concentrate on a variety of knowledge areas - putting students on the right track to succeed in the professional media world.

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