Journalism Certificate Program * : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

Job growth is expected in new media areas, such as online newspapers and magazines. Talented writers who can handle highly specialized scientific or technical subjects have an advantage. The number of job openings in the newspaper and broadcasting industries is sensitive to economic ups and downs, because these industries depend on advertising revenue.

News analysts, reporters, and correspondents held about 66,000 jobs in 2002. About 60 percent worked for newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers. Another 25 percent worked in radio and television broadcasting. About 4,100 news analysts, reporters, and correspondents were self-employed.

Career Choices

Career opportunities in journalism include: reporter, editor, web editor, copyeditor, layout/design specialist, photographer, videographer, columnist, freelance writer, broadcast or radio journalist, and many others. Today, journalists perform many functions and reporters often photograph and shoot video for their own stories.

Salary Information

Salaries in journalism fields vary widely by the media type, outlet and location. Salaries range from the $30,000 (for a cub reporter at a small newspaper) to seven figures (for a successful screenwriter).

Career Hints

Experience on school newspapers or broadcasting stations and internships with news organizations are useful, as are computer graphics and desktop publishing skills.

Knowledge of news photography can also be valuable for entry-level positions.

Large-city newspapers and stations also may prefer candidates with degrees in subject-matter specialties such as economics, political science, or business.

Employers report that practical experience is the most important part of education and training (see the Department of Labor).

Post-Undergraduate Opportunities

Eligible students who complete the certificate, in addition to a bachelor's degree at UB, will have the opportunity to apply to the graduate programs in English, Communication, and Media Study, as well as to any other graduate program available at UB.

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