Latina/Latino Studies * : Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate: Minor


Please contact Dr. Soto-Crespo (716-645-2191, ext. 1199; for advising.

Latina/Latino Studies - Minor

Acceptance Criteria

Consultation with the director of the Latina/Latino Studies program and completion of a formal application.
Completion of the prerequisite courses.

Advising Notes

A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses that count toward the minor in Latina/Latino studies is required.

No more than two courses, used to satisfy the requirements of another major/minor, can be used to also satisfy the requirements of a minor in Latina/Latino studies.

The courses listed are offered on a regular basis to enable students to complete a minor in a timely fashion.

Prerequisite Courses

ENG 277 Introduction to U.S. Latino Literature or LLS 204 Introduction to Puerto Rican Culture

Required Courses

APY 283 Peasant Societies and Cultures
LLS 200 Black Roots in Spanish American Literature
LLS 204 Introduction to Puerto Rican Culture
LLS 208 Twentieth-Century Puerto Rican Literature
SPA 241 Spanish for Bilinguals
WS 219 Women of Color and the American Experience
WS 247 Women in Latin America

APY 331 Archaeology of the New World
HIS 322 Latin America: Culture and History
HIS 414 Cuban Revolution
HMN 321 Youth Culture in Latin America
HMN 453 Mexican American Anthology
LLS 301 Ethnicity and the Puerto Rican Experience
LLS 303 Mainland Puerto Rican Experiences
LLS 305 Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Religion
LLS 307 History of Ideas in Puerto Rico
LLS 308 Black Presence in Latin America
LLS 401 Seminar in Puerto Rican Studies
LLS 402 Puerto Rican Literature
LLS 404 Havana: City and Culture
PHI 356 Latino-Hispanic Thought
PHI 385 Latin American Thought
PSC 329 U.S. Latin American Relations
PSC 372 Latin American Politics
SPA 320 Contemporary Spanish American Literature
SPA 328 Spanish American Culture and Civilization
SPA 330 Spanish American Themes
SPA 360 Spanish American Literature in Translation
SPA 416 Spanish American Theatre
SPA 449 Special Topics I (with a Latina/Latino component)
TH 411 Theatre Workshop (with a Latina/Latino component)
WS 315 Cross-Cultural Study of Women (with a Latina/Latino component)

*Courses with appropriate content may be substituted with permission of the program director.

Total required credit hours for the minor...18

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