Business Administration : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

The Career Resource Center in the School of Management serves as the primary resource for students and alumni in career exploration and job search. The Career Resource Center is a key link between the school and employers, offering many programs that bring these groups together, such as job fairs, the alumni MentorLink Program, internships, campus recruiting, and career development workshops and seminars.

The mission of the Career Resource Center is to create an environment that enables and motivates students to be successful in reaching their career goals. Please see the Career Exploration Sessions for further information.

Recent graduates in our department have been employed in the following ways:
  • Accountants in public and private firms
  • Corporate credit analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Financial advisors
  • Financial analysts
  • Human resources coordinators, assistants, and managers
  • Lending officers
  • Marketing coordinators and assistants
  • Marketing researchers
  • Marketing sales people
  • Program analysts
  • Recruiters
  • Retail managers
  • Security analysts

Updated: 13 Nov 2012 06:00:34 EST