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Elizabeth Morsheimer
Coordinator of Pre-Professional Advising Services
Dalene Aylward
Senior Academic Advisor and Pre-Health Advisor
Kira Gosh
Pre-Health Advisor


In the United States and Canada, dentistry is a four-year doctoral level program that prepares men and women for the practice of general dentistry or entry into one of the specialty training programs in dentistry. With the anticipated shortage of dentists in the United States in the near future, there will be an increased demand for dentists throughout the country.

Few colleges or universities have a specific pre-dental program, and this is true of UB as well. Most students pursuing a career in dentistry choose a major area of study in the biological sciences. The latter's degree requirements generally include all the prerequisite courses necessary to enroll in a D.D.S. program. However, it is not necessary to choose a major in the sciences. If a student chooses a major outside the biological sciences, he or she is advised to complete additional course work in biology beyond the prerequisite courses, specifically in areas such as biochemistry, microbiology, histology, molecular biology, and cellular biology. Courses in biology at the molecular or microscopic level provide excellent preparation for the basic science course work during the first two years of dental school.

BS/DDS Combined Degree Program
Please go to for general information about this program and for information about the specific requirements and admission process for this degree program. Student must apply to the BS/DDS Combined Degree option as high school seniors.

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