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Student Advising Services

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109 Norton Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: 645-6013
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Elizabeth Morsheimer
Coordinator of Pre-Professional Advising Services
Dalene Aylward
Senior Academic Advisor and Pre-Health Advisor
Kira Gosh
Pre-Health Advisor


The University at Buffalo offers a wide variety of means of support for students pursuing programs leading to graduate study in the professional schools of optometry, podiatry, chiropractic, and veterinary medicine. We also provide support for those seeking admission into graduate level physician's assistant (PA) programs. While we do not have these professional programs at the graduate level, we offer the coursework necessary to enter to these professional schools at other universities after completion of the bachelor's degree at UB. Additionally, we provide information regarding the prerequisite courses, admissions requirements, and various programs located across the United States. Students applying to these professional schools can also utilize the services of the UB Pre-health Committee for letters of recommendation. UB often hosts guests from these schools to share information about their programs. The pre-health advising website contains a wealth of information for students interested in this track, including recommended courses and a timeline for undergraduate studies and graduate applications.

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