Pre-Social Work * : Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

Combined: BA/MSW
Graduate: JD/MSW, MBA/MSW, MPH/MSW, MSW, PhD in Social Welfare (MSW required)


Admissions requirements are geared towards finding well-rounded, well-prepared students who are a good match for our program and the profession of social work. A bachelor's degree from any major is acceptable, as long as our liberal arts prerequisites have been satisfied. A minimum of 24 credits of liberal arts course work is required. Of these 24 credits, six must be in the social or behavioral sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science) and six in the arts or humanities (e.g., history, English, foreign languages, philosophy, ethnic or gender studies). The remaining twelve credits may be made up with any combination of the above or with courses from the natural sciences or mathematics.

In addition, students must have taken a class or combination of classes with significant content in human biology, anatomy, reproduction, and development. Classes that may meet this requirement include those in anatomy, biology, and human physiology. This requirement can be met after students enter the MSW program but before their final year. Approval for courses meeting the requirement is done on a case-by-case basis; students need to contact the school for approval of any given course.

Acceptance Information

Although no particular major is required to apply to the School of Social Work, we do recommend completion of certain courses. Please see the Advising Information section below for additional information.

In addition to academic credentials, the UB School of Social Work looks for personal attributes that are considered essential to the professional practice of social work: Initiative; integrity; reliability; emotional stability; sound judgment; capacity for change, growth, and self-discipline; and concern for the needs of others.

Applicants to interdisciplinary dual degree programs with the School of Law, School of Management, or School of Public Health and Health Sciences must meet the admissions requirements of the collaborating program, including standardized tests. The BA/MSW program is open only to interdisciplinary social science majors in the Health and Human Services concentration.

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