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About Our Degrees

Acceptance Criteria

All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of C or better.
A minimum GPA of 3.0 is necessary in prerequisite courses.

Acceptance Information

The Doctor of Physical Therapy is the highest degree offered in the profession of physical therapy. It is a professional entry-level degree designed to produce outstanding clinicians.

Completion of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UB requires a minimum of six years following high school. During the first three years (the prerequisite phase) students should major in Exercise Science (ES). ES juniors who have a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply in the fall semester for admission into the DPT the following August. Transfer students are encouraged to apply and should review the prerequisites required for admission to determine their eligibility for direct admission to DPT program. Students who have not completed the prerequisites should consider transferring to the Exercise Science program at UB, which prepares them for admission to the DPT.

The DPT is a full-time, three calendar-year program commencing in August of each year. Students accepted into the program, following completion of the three years of prerequisites, become graduate students. Applications are completed online and are due November 1 of the preceding year. Each year, 42 students are accepted.

Degree Requirements

Please see Degrees and Policies.

About Our Courses

All physical therapy courses are graduate courses. Undergraduate students planning to enter the DPT program should register for undergraduate exercise science courses.

For pre-physical therapy course descriptions, please see the required courses listed in the Physical Therapy chart in Degrees.

About Our Faculty

The faculty offer knowledge and skills from a wide range of physical therapy practice areas including: orthopaedics, pediatrics, neurologic rehabilitation, acute care, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

See a list of our Undergraduate Faculty.

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

In the course of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, students complete 52 weeks of clinical affiliations over the period of 3 years. During these affiliations, they practice physical therapy under the supervision of a clinical instructor in a typical physical therapy setting.

Extracurricular Activities

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