Physical Therapy : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

Upon graduating from UB's program, students are eligible to take the National Physical Therapist Exam, which is required for licensure in any state. To practice physical therapy, one must be licensed in the state where employment is sought.

Work settings include: hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, extended care facilities, outpatient clinics, and schools.

The job market for physical therapists is currently very strong.

Salary Information

Salaries vary depending on the work setting and on the region of the country.

Information regarding the physical therapy profession and current salaries is available from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Post-undergraduate Opportunities

After graduation, students may elect to pursue a post-professional degree such as an MS or PhD. Such degrees open up opportunities for teaching and/or research. Opportunities also exist for graduates who become practicing clinicians to gain board-certified specialization in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, respiratory and cardiovascular rehabilitation, orthopedic physical therapy, sports medicine, neurologic rehabilitation, and electromyographic and electrodiagnostic testing.

Updated: 13 Nov 2012 06:02:00 EST