Romance Languages And Literatures : About The Program

About Our Degrees

The RLL department offers the B.A. degree, and minors, in French, Italian and Spanish. The department also offers a minor in Latina/Latino Studies, and courses in other humanities fields. Further information can be found on the pages describing those programs.

Applications to the majors and minors are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications are available at the department office or on the RLL website.

About Our Courses

Courses are offered under the individual languages (French, Italian, and Spanish).

Students seeking teacher certification need to plan their curriculum with particular care. Information about teacher certification may be obtained from the Teacher Education Institute, Graduate School of Education, 367 Baldy Hall.

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

Study Abroad

One of the most effective and rewarding ways to master a foreign language and to learn about another culture is to live abroad. In an increasingly global economy, today's students recognize the crucial importance of international and cross-cultural experience, whether their field is in the humanities, business, science, or engineering.

Traditionally, students have participated in study abroad programs to improve foreign language skills, gain experience applicable to a variety of internationally-oriented careers, and expand their personal horizons. Today, new programs also allow UB students to tailor the study abroad experience of another culture to their degree curricula and career plans.

Students have the opportunity to study for the full academic year, a semester, or summer in such countries as Canada, France, Senegal, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain. Those who are eligible for financial aid keep that eligibility during the period in which they study overseas. The department offers a small number of study abroad scholarships. For more information about study abroad opportunities through UB and other institutions, contact the Study Abroad Programs office, 210 Talbert Hall, (716) 645-3912.

Extracurricular Activities

Complementary Programs and Courses

The study of languages can be supplemented by courses to develop expertise in other areas such as health careers, psychology/human services, journalism, or business. Foreign language students may major in interdisciplinary area studies, learning the history, geography, sociology, and economics of an area whose language they know. Alternatively, they may choose a special major, combining a language with international studies, environmental studies, political science, or finance in order to prepare for a career in banking, insurance, international trade, government, non-profit/advocacy, or law.

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