Romance Languages And Literatures : Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

There is no undergraduate degree offered in Romance Languages and Literatures itself. Rather, bachelors degrees, graduate degrees, and/or minors are granted in the languages (French, Italian, and Spanish) administered by the department.


Upon admission to RLL majors and minors, students are advised by departmental faculty advisors. Students are encouraged to plan their programs in consultation with their faculty advisors and to meet with them at least once each semester.

Interested students are encouraged to obtain a list of current offerings in languages and literatures from the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures website prior to registration each semester. Most introductory language courses are offered each semester. Upper division courses are offered on a rotating basis.

Acceptance Information

Acceptance into majors or minors is based on completing a designated number of 200-level courses with a minimum GPA in those courses. Students who do not meet the criteria for acceptance into a given program may be admitted on a provisional basis while they work to fulfill requirements. Application to the majors and minors in French, Italian, and Spanish is made when the student brings a copy of her/his current UB DARS report directly to the department, or when she/he applies online at the department website. Consultation with the department and completion of a formal application for acceptance into the program are required.

Transfer Policy

Transfer students are welcome in the majors and minors in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. To facilitate the evaluation of courses completed elsewhere, transfer students should submit course materials (catalog descriptions, syllabi, reading lists, papers, or exams) to the department. The number of transfer credits applied toward a major or minor is determined on an individual basis.

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