World Languages Program * : Careers

Career Information and Further Study

The Department of Education reports that U.S. corporations are beginning to place greater value on second language proficiency and awareness of other cultures in potential employees. Proficiency in another language as well as the research and analytical skills developed through the study of foreign languages and cultures are assets for individuals who enter a variety of careers.

Career Hints

It is strongly recommended that students determine how they would like to utilize their language skills early in their course of study so that they may plan accordingly for the appropriate coursework and learning experiences (such as internships). As the world is becoming more accessible and integrated through communication technologies, trade programs, and immigration/emigration, people who have multiple language skills are more employable. These graduates are well prepared for the workforce of the millennium.

Post-undergraduate opportunities

Many students who complete the Linguistics department's undergraduate programs routinely continue their studies in graduate and professional schools, with financial support in the form of Fulbright awards, prestigious fellowships, and teaching assistantships.

Additional Resources

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