Visiting Student Program

Students enrolled at other institutions may apply to study at UB as visiting students for up to one full year without formal transfer. With approval from their home campus, students receive full credit for approved courses completed at UB. Information about applying and admission criteria may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

The following rules apply to Visiting Students at UB:

  1. The student shall apply for admission as a visitor, specify the courses or program he or she intends to pursue, submit a transcript evidencing the previous study and a statement of approved academic leave from the previous study, and have a grade point average for that previous study comparable to that required by Undergraduate Admissions of incoming transfer students.
  2. The student may upon acceptance enroll at UB for two academic year semesters and their immediately preceding or following summer sessions under the same conditions as a matriculated student.
  3. A visiting student may apply for admission to UB baccalaureate study. Upon acceptance, the student’s UB courses shall be included in her or his program and considered UB courses for purposes of credits attempted and completed and grade point average.

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