Computing Policies

At UB, information technology is used to enhance teaching, support learning, enrich extracurricular experiences, and enable students to conduct business with the university online. To ensure that UB students are able to take advantage of innovative ways of learning, it is strongly recommended that students have a computer for their personal use in their living space. The university facilitates student computer purchases by offering volume-discount purchase programs, loan programs, financial aid, work-study, and other programs. To learn more about UB information technology resources and services, visit UBIT.

Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policies:

Computing and acceptable use policies establish general rules for the use of computing and information resources. All students are expected to comply with the policies found at the IT Policies website. Penalties for non-compliance include loss of access to your UB IT account and to UB online resources.

Copyright Infringement and Illegal Downloading Policies

The distribution of copyrighted material from your computer, including music, games, and videos, for which you do not have the copyright owner’s permission is a violation of federal law (DMCA) and university policy. Copyright owners frequently hire agents to scan university networks for copyrighted materials that are available to others from computer systems on the network. UB receives many notices from these organizations alleging copyright infringement. If you download and/or distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted music recordings and movies, you are breaking the law and may be held legally liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Please read UB’s policy on illegal downloading and file sharing at

Official University Communications and Required Use of UB E-mail Addresses

Many official university communications to students are sent to their permanent addresses or university e-mail addresses. Students are responsible for ensuring that their permanent addresses and e-mail addresses are kept up to date in the university’s student information systems and that they regularly read their official e-mail messages sent to their university e-mail address. New students will find information on their UB E-mail addresses at

The UBIT New Student website also provides information about your UBITName, your key to the many IT services and resources at UB; setting your password; securing your computer system; and obtaining the free software provided by your UB Technology Fee.

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