Students must meet the following criteria in order to have degrees conferred:

Application for Degree

Students must Apply for Graduation via their HUB Student Center prior to the published deadline dates listed below:

  • June 1 graduation: February 1
  • September 1 graduation: July 1
  • February 1 graduation: October 1

Students are encouraged to file their applications well before the deadline dates. Degree forms received after the above deadlines will be processed for the next conferral date.

A final evaluation of general education and university degree requirements will be completed by a degree auditor in the Office of the Registrar. Each academic department determines if academic major requirements have been met.

Students who find that they are not eligible to graduate on their applied degree conferral date must inform the Office of the Registrar in writing of their new degree conferral date.

When a degree is conferred, it is noted on the student’s academic record (transcript) and diploma. Diplomas are mailed to the address supplied by the student within six weeks after the conferral date. Students should make certain that the university has their correct mailing address. To check or update student address information, students should refer to their HUB Student Center (via MyUB). Grades will not be changed after degree conferral except when errors in the transcript occur.

Settlement of Obligations

All tuition, fees, late charges, and fines must be paid in order to receive diplomas or transcript services, including information about the student’s program completion in any form.


Formal commencement exercises are held each May. All students who have graduated the previous September or February, as well as students who have applied for June degree conferral, are eligible to participate in the ceremonies. Information regarding commencement activities is available from the Countdown to Commencement website.

Graduation Rates

The four-year graduation rate of undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo approximates that of other major public research universities. Consistent with national trends, a number of University at Buffalo undergraduate students extend their graduation date to five years.

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