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About the University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo (UB) is the State University of New York’s most comprehensive university center. The university’s enrollment is the largest, and its range of academic programs the widest, of any public institution in New York and New England. UB is one of only two public universities in New York and New England to be admitted into the Association of American Universities, an association of the nation’s leading public and private research universities.

Students take their place here among a diverse community of approximately 29,000 students, pursuing their interests from more than 100 undergraduate programs, more than 60 minors, and over 200 graduate programs. They participate in the research of our approximately 1,600 full time and 800 part time faculty and over 90 research centers. UB’s more than 180,000 living alumni reside in all 50 states and more than 120 foreign countries.

Because of its size and the variety of its programs, UB is a university in the richest sense. Along with graduate and professional education, it also displays remarkable breadth, diversity, and quality in undergraduate programs in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts, as well as in a variety of undergraduate preprofessional programs. In short, New York State’s major public university provides unparalleled opportunities for learning, for career preparation, and for developing a rewarding way of life.

A large university like UB is particularly suited to well-motivated students who are clear about their goals and can take advantage of the vast wealth of educational resources available on campus. Moreover, the demanding, high-quality curriculum at UB is best suited to students whose high school preparation is strong. For such students, well prepared both motivationally and academically, UB can provide an educational experience second to none.

An undergraduate education should be more than training leading to a job; it should be an intellectual challenge, a source of joy, and an adventure. No two students have the same experience at UB, but all who come to UB will find in its classrooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, libraries, computer labs, and faculty offices an unending source of the stimulation they need to learn and grow.

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