Student Affairs

UB’s Division of Student Affairs provides student-centered services and programs to help students delve deep into the UB academic and campus experience. UB Student Affairs is divided into two types of units: student service units and student success units.

Student service units ensure students can fully realize their UB academic experience by:

  • Getting the most from campus services
  • Living comfortably as campus residents
  • Getting around campus conveniently
  • Enjoying a wide variety of dining and nutritional options
  • Being nurtured in a healthy and safe campus environment

Student success units help students build the distinctive qualities that characterize a University at Buffalo alumnus by:

  • Teaching them to extend their curiosity, learn independently and think critically
  • Giving them perspective and skills to successfully manage their college transition, their academic experience as well as life’s challenges
  • Helping them apply what they learn to real-life situations and experience the world as an active member of it
  • Giving them tools and the motivation to lead and serve and to critically choose a career path

Student Affairs units include:

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