Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog

Catalog Key

The following abbreviations are used in course descriptions:

Abbreviation Instruction Type
DIS Discussion: Classroom instruction carried on primarily through interaction among students and instructor. In some cases, it may supplement a large lecture.
LAB Laboratory: An aggregate of individual activity under supervision as a group; the meeting place has substantial facilities, instruments, or equipment for the purpose of the meeting and for specific use by the individual student.
LEC Lecture: Classroom instruction, primarily through lecture, presented by an instructor, with discussion not precluded but incidental to lecture.
REC Recitation: Classroom instruction carried on through interaction between instructor and students, designed to supplement a large lecture.
SEM Seminar: Classroom instruction for a limited number of students who share with the instructor responsibility for preparation of material to be discussed in class.
TUT Tutorial: Individual study and instruction usually arranged by mutual agreement of instructor and student.

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